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Understanding Earth's "Heartbeat"

What is the Schumann Resonance?


  If you have found yourself here, chances are you are curious about the Schumann Resonance! If you are just coming across this page on my website, and are learning something new, congratulations… The Schumann Resonance is amazing!

     The Earth has its own field of electromagnetic resonance and produces its own electrical activity in a similar way as the human brain. The Schumann Resonance is a collection of electromagnetic waves, that encircle our planet, and admit their own frequency. The foundational frequency, or Mode one, is generally resonating at 7.83HZ, with adjustments up and down. There are as follows, mode two at 14Hz, mode three at 20HZ, mode four at 27Hz, mode five at 33Hz, and mode 6 at 40Hz. (with energy flux up and down)

     The Schumann Resonances are generated in a few different ways. Largely by lightning and electrical thunderstorms that hit the Earth surface every day. They are also affected by solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and other solar weather phenomena. Also, it can be affected by the collective consciousness.(I.E. global catastrophes) These waves flow around our world, as repetitive frequencies that beat a consistent rhythm that we as living inhabitants can tune in to, share, heal and ascend.


Connecting to Earth's Heartbeat

     Our human brain wave activity, and the waves of the Schumann Resonance have long been compared. We share delta, theta, alpha and beta frequencies. For many, these electromagnetic waves help to explain the deep-seated sense of connection they feel with the Earth and its inhabitants.

     There have been scientific studies done of the coherence between the Schumann resonance and our human brain activity, so, it's possible, that the variations in the Schumann Resonance influence how we as humans and animals feel and vice a versa. 

     Events of great global stress among humans and animals, and the associated increase in the frequencies of our brainwaves, may themselves influence the earths own resonances. Simply put, the Schumann Resonances are just one of the ways in which our individual emotions and energies are connected to, and influenced by, the world as a whole.                  The Earths heartbeat may well explain the deep sense of connection and belonging many of us feel when we meditate, decompress and slow down our thinking and brain activity. Indeed, this phenomenon may tell us that to unlock our most primal elemental energies, we would do well to join the Earth in her own frequencies. 


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